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In modern business, the key to long term growth is often a delicate mix between specialisation and differentiation.

Loosely defined, Intranets are in-house implementations of the Internet, providing a closed network where access is limited to company personnel. They enable greater communication and sharing of information and applications between departments, offices and branches, and can assist in harmonising and synchronising your key business practices and processes. Intranets can be established within a LAN (Local Area Network) confined to a single geographic site (such as an office or plant) or within a WAN (Wide Area Network) linking sites separated by distance.

The key philosophy driving the outsourcing model is the ability for companies to better pursue their strategic objectives without the additional burden of non-core business functions such as IT. By outsourcing IT functions, firms are able to direct their limited resources to functions for which they are better equipped to operate.

To stand out from the crowd, you need an edge; something that gives your customers that little bit more than the opposition. By outsourcing, firms can ensure that they are constantly at the forefront of technological innovations in the IT arena. They can then offer the benefits of these innovations much quicker to their customers, thereby gaining a competitive advantage that may not be economically viable if the firm had to find and maintain the resources required for an in-house IT department

Outsourcing makes sense on both sides of this equation, and Integrate has the resources, the knowledge and the experience to enable you to benefit from both. What's more, Integrate is able to bring about benefits to your company from outsourcing either by building or rebuilding your infrastructure from the floor up, or we can apply our expertise to your existing IT infrastructure.

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