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At their core, Networks are simply another form of communication. Unlike all other forms however, the potential and scope of networks is endless. Whether your firm needs to share information from one desk to another accross a room, or across the country, there is a network structure that will allow you to do either, or both. Maybe you want to provide access to systems for personnel who are on the road; or allow clients to check the status of their orders by logging into your system. All these options can be created and administered using the various network structures Integrate can help you build. They can be created by a variety of means: from linking individual computers with data cables through to establishing links across telephone lines or through Intranets or Extranets.

Loosely defined, Intranets are in-house implementations of the Internet, providing a closed network where access is limited to company personnel. They enable greater communication and sharing of information and applications between departments, offices and branches, and can assist in harmonising and synchronising your key business practices and processes. Intranets can be established within a LAN (Local Area Network) confined to a single geographic site (such as an office or plant) or within a WAN (Wide Area Network) linking sites separated by distance.

Extranets allow companies to extend limited network access to their customers or business partners. Access to particular functions, data or files is restricted by the use of passwords.

Integrate can establish complex intranet and extranets with multi-layered accessability according to the current and projected requirements of your company. Should the need exist, integrate can also arrange the hosting and monitoring of your network servers in a secure firewalled environment.

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